Tanay GmbH was founded in 1972 and since then has been offering its customers premium high-quality tea products.


The main import countries from which we import tea are Sri Lanka, followed by Turkey, Vietnam and China. The teas we import from Sri Lanka and Vietnam are for the most part leaf teas.


Since 1997 we are general distributors of the Çay-Kur Avrupa (Çay-Kur Europe). In the dialogue with Çay-Kur, we are developing new tea products and corresponding brands and we are positioning them powerfull in the European market.


We are also distributors of the brand "Paşabahçe". "Paşabahçe" is a brand that has developed into an emotional symbol of trust and quality in Turkey and has positioned itself as a "favorite premium brand". Paşabahçe facilitates and enhances the lives of consumers through modern solutions.


The products we run are subject to an intensive quality assurance system and are characterized by the highest and consistently high quality.


Our highest goal is to meet the expectations and needs of our customers without fault and blame. Another of our goals is to provide up-to-date products for a developing market of Premium brands and products and to be a profitable and reliable company for our international partners.




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