Our team

It is always a great pleasure for our team to answer all your questions about high-quality, exquisite tea professionally and to your satisfaction. Our topmost direct is the professional work to our customers and the professional answering of their needs and questions and the supreme principle of our company philosophy is the complete customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction.


Do not hesitate to contact our team with your questions and suggestions. We want your tea experience to be a highlight. We are always with you and ready to assist you with advice. We are honored to give you our time and attention.

Purchase: Can Tanay, Katja Witzenbacher

Sales: Leon Tanay

Accounting: Silke Pawlitz, Kerim Tanay

Shipping:  Kozma Yasmin, Mehmet Atik

Machinery: Frank Schilling

Logistics: Rosi Stöhr




Gewerbering 8, 76287 Rheinstetten


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